We are a group of digital enthusiasts with extensive experience in software and product development. By working with us, we guarantee smooth and on-time delivery of your products and features.

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Our mission is to create value through co-creation and long-lasting partnerships.

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Impactful products


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    We are open and honest about our opinions and our progress is visible and accessible at all times.

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    We constantly develop our skills to keep pace with industry changes and continue to offer our clients relevant and viable solutions.

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    We value projects where both parties benefit from it equally.

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    Respect and trust

    We treat our clients and each other the way we would like to be treated.

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    We create a flat organization where everyone has a say.

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    We create a space where we value our differences, learn from each other, and have fun!

Meet our Team

We are an experienced team of start-up founders and software and product developers based in Budapest, Hungary.

Greg Barcza profile image

Founder of Apex Lab, has 10+ years of experience in product development. Strongly believes in the power of teamwork, passionately builds high-performing, empowered teams that are always ready to deliver. Loves coding.

Tom Fabi profile image

Software developer for 10+ years, always happy to help you manage the technical aspects of the project. Passionate about UX and frontend development. The key to his happiness is a fast and stable internet connection.

Benny Bajorics profile image

Full-Stack web developer with Frontend focus and expertise. 5+ years of experience with React and Javascript supplemented with React Native knowledge. 10+ years of experience in being fun to hang with. Also, loves a good death metal solo, but who doesn’t?!

Martin Dobos profile image

Marton is a senior software developer working all across the stack. His passion is to build limitless digital products with a great user experience. He has two loves in his life: TypeScript and Football.

Sophie Misak profile image

Product Owner with a background in business development, marketing, and consultancy in organizational development. She loves interacting with both client and internal teams, and she brings structured thinking, energy, and enthusiasm into project works. Always committed and eager to learn. Big fan of skiing.

Orsifanni Nemeth profile image

Believes in the power of teamwork and short feedback loops. And these two components will also guarantee your product's success. Orsifanni has 10+ years of experience in agile product development with multiple roles from marketing specialist, agile coach, product owner to organization consultant. Passionate about challenging ideas so that we can step out of our comfort zone and make the magic happen.

Zoltan Kovacs profile image

Software developer since 2000, developed in many languages (Perl, PHP, C++, Objective-C, Javascript) on many platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, browser). Likes to create all-around solutions, frameworks as lightweight as possible. Music is his second (or first?) love, doesn't matter in which form: playing with his band, composing, or just listening.

Emese Magyar profile image

Mesi is a tremendous asset to our team. She is super-organized, always helpful, and ensures that all of our internal duties are in order. She passionately improves her skills in marketing and loves spending time with her (or any other) dogs.

David Debreceni profile image

Originally learned to be an engineer, but always liked programming. He was 14 years old when he wrote his first line of code. Has been programming for 10+ years, working on web and mobile apps mostly. Worked on various projects such as eCommerce, enterprise, government, smart home. Owner of 2 dachshunds. A study finds that listening to metal is good for productivity, which he truly believes.

Gabor Menyhart profile image

Gábor is a self-taught Javascript developer with an engineering and management background. It started as a hobby then became a passion. Mainly focusing on React and React Native projects. He likes to work with inspiring people, ride fast motorcycles, and hiking in nature.

Martin Fidy profile image

Software developer since 2019 with a background in business consulting. Marci is always up for learning new stuff. So far, his focus was mainly on the front-end, using Typescript (Angular 2+, React), but also built APIs (REST, GraphQL) and dealt with databases (SQL, NoSQL). He is a big fan of multi-platform solutions, a passionate rock-climber over 10+ years, and always likes to keep it positive.

Vivien David-Makai profile image

Vivi is our Office Fairy with 5+ years of experience. She constantly improves every segment of our office and admin system. She loves to remind us about our forgotten tasks and makes sure that we do them as soon as possible. She is also the mother of a toddler and two disabled cats. She is passionate about fast and effective work, as well as reading good books and travelling.

Matthew Szlavik profile image

Frontend developer since 2017, wants to acquire backend knowledge. Big fan of React, who always wants to be better in it as the day goes by. Likes to work fast and efficiently and to get things done before anybody else does. His best support team is his family with 5 siblings.

Toth Alex profile image

Software developer who is always looking for challenges. Enjoys to work with backend and frontend as well.

Thomas Belinszky profile image

Full stack developer who likes to work in agile teams. Has a degree in Business Informatics and four years of PM/PO experience. Decided to go all in as a software developer when he participated in a startup incubator program and realized the true value of mobile and web development. His two favourite sports are football and chess.

Matthew Donka profile image

Passionate full-stack developer since 2016. Likes to architect and build complex solutions with beautiful UIs. Believes in continuous self development and practices it. In his free time he loves to travel, play board games and trade.

Thomas Illes profile image

Full-stack developer with 5+ years of experience. Mostly worked on PWAs and native applications, but also likes to touch the server-side.
He loves to code, hike, and everything related to cars and motorsports.

Zoli Endrődi profile image

COO of Apex Lab, has 10+ years experience in the IT scene in various positions from developer to leader. Has a fact-based, data-centered approach, and an ongoing crusade against "all data eventually ends up in an Excel sheet". Despite all these facts, he remained a true people first person.

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